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Request timed out

The time taken to process your request has exceeded the allowable limit of 30 seconds. Please notify the server administrator (using the mail link below) that this error has occurred.

Note: You can override the request time limit by adding a 'RequestTimeout' parameter to the URL used to request the page (e.g. page.cfm?RequestTimeout=500).

SQL = "SELECT Users.*, 'AutoUser' AS AuthenticatedBy, '&User_ID=' + {fn CONVERT(Users.User_ID, SQL_VARCHAR)} + '&st=' + {fn CONVERT(Users.st, SQL_VARCHAR)} + '&st2=' + {fn CONVERT(Users.st2, SQL_VARCHAR)} + '&st3=' + {fn CONVERT(Users.st3, SQL_VARCHAR)} AS ID_String, {fn NOW()} AS CurrentTime, 0 AS TimeSinceLastAuthenticated FROM Users WHERE ST=277644428 ORDER BY User_ID DESC"

Data Source = "GR02_JH1_SECURITY"

Dieser Fehler trat bei der Verarbeitung eines Elements mit dem alllgemeinen Kennzeichner (CFQUERY), an Postion (331:11) bis (331:65)auf. in the template file C:\PROGRAMME\CF_EUROSHOP\V2261\ACB\SECURITY\GETUSER.CFM.


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